private sector services


ΕΤΑΜ offers a comprehensive and effective consultancy package for financial-economic management of enterprises across all sectors. These services contribute to:

  • Stimulating investment by sourcing, evaluation and selection of the appropriate co-financed programs for the implementation of investment projects.
  • Projection of financial results through drafting of feasibility-sustainability studies.
  • Assessment of the company’s economic value through systematic analysis and monitoring of financial statements.
  • Provision of specialized management services for loan commitments.
  • Analysis and efficient utilization of assets.


ΕΤΑΜ offers a comprehensive and practical solution for improving internal business efficiency, contributing to:

  • Identification of main cost burdens (cost structure analysis).
  • Determination of correct pricing policy..
  • Human resource management.
  • Reduction of production costs.
  • Rational stock management.
  • Overall cost reduction and improvement of liquidity.


ΕΤΑΜ provides consultancy services for the development of enterprise extroversion by assisting with:

  • Preparatory activities in terms of (i) organization of production, (ii) product pricing, (iii) package design, (iv) creation of a product strategy, (v) development of trade policy and (vi) quality certifications for international markets.
  • Creation of a corporate identity.
  • Conduct of market research studies and selection of target markets.
  • Sourcing, assessment and selection of suitable clients and business partners i.e. agents as well as the negotiation of business deals.
  • Creation, organization and operation of an export division within the company.
  • Development of outsourcing, from our headquarters, offices and within our network.
  • Exploitation of funding opportunities and financial-economic planning.


ΕΤΑΜ provides a comprehensive, practical and effective range of services related to the development of hotel businesses. With our services we contribute to:

  • Ensuring high-quality services at the lowest possible operational cost for hotel units.
  • Assessment, training and development of hotel personnel.
  • Continuous modernization and expansion of hotel units through co-financed programs.
  • Ensuring high-quality services, through the development and installation of quality management systems.
  • Hotel unit viability, by providing consultancy services towards organization, management and financial-economic administration.
  • Smooth operation of hotel units by ensuring compliance with necessary licenses and regulations.


ΕΤΑΜ is dedicated to developing and implementing appropriate quality management systems that meet the respective needs and requirements of individual companies, thus achieving:

  • Organization of business in accordance with modern management tools and principles.
  • Development and implementation of procedures aimed at operation control and rationalization, task allocation and improving performance efficiency.
  • Profiling of job descriptions in order to clearly define fields of responsibility.
  • Compliance with legal requirements and third-party demands (customers, partners and subcontractors).
  • Ensurance of customer satisfaction.
  • Provision of highly reliable products and services.


ΕΤΑΜ offers comprehensive services for sourcing, evaluation and selection of suitable co-financed programs for the implementation of investment projects. These services include:

  • Sourcing and selection of best funding opportunities.
  • Pre-evaluation and scoring of projects.
  • Drafting of investment plans and preparation of application papers for project tenders.
  • Project monitoring and management up until completion stage and payment.