public & wider-public sector services


ΕΤΑΜ has many years of experience in developmental planning at a national, regional and local level. The company has made a name for itself in the field of integrated intervention programs in urban and rural areas as well as developmental pilot studies, and continues to contribute expert knowledge to the development of the agri-food sector and thematic tourism, environmental management, human resources and SME support.


ΕΤΑΜ draws on a wealth of experience in scientific and technical support concerning the refinement, planning and implementation of sectoral and regional policies and actions of territorial cooperation. In addition, the company has established ex-ante, on-going and ex-post evaluations of operational programs and development projects as well as policy impact and strategic environmental impact assessments.


ΕΤΑΜ provides technical assistance to public authorities and local government bodies, development organizations, networks, collective and sectoral bodies. In particular the company offers services concerning strategic planning, technical consulting, research, expert evaluation and coordination throughout the project development stage, program implementation monitoring, asset management, specifications of rules of procedure and business development, conduction of surveys, technical and economical studies.


In this field, ETAM offers assistance in the preparation, specialization and implementation of a communication strategy. In particular, these services include the design of a communication strategy concept, creation of a marketing plan, specifications of co-funded promotion plans, creation of experimental products, technical support for promotional activities/advertising, design and production of print media, publications and event organization.


ETAM has conducted numerous environmental impact and waste-water disposal studies.
The company has extended its services towards inventory studies, planning of environmental actions, ecotourism development and studies of the carrying capacity of visited regions, and has significant experience in advising and providing technical support to European programs.